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Feasibility Studies are completed as a first step in determining a schedule, Budget and scope of work for a project. Pinnacle can support a client thru this critical early decision making process. Extensive prior experience can help a Public entity to avoid wasting valuable time and resources.


Conceptual Design proceeds after a timeline, budget and project scope has been established by the Design Team.
Pinnacle provides estimating, scheduling and support for the Design Consultants. Positive experiences from previous successful projects can be utilized for finalizing a design for approval by a Public Entity.


Pre-construction is a critical period in the overall process that determines if a project will end up over-budget, late and not providing the desired end product.
Pinnacle can continue to update Project Budgets, timelines and further clarify the scope of work to make sure that the design team has stayed within the established parameters of the Public Entity.


Budgeting and Estimating can proceed as soon as a definite scope of work is established. Detailed estimates for design and construction documents are prepared to track costs throughout the Preconstruction Phase. 
Pinnacle can then provide recommendations to a public entity in order to reduce scope or provide added funding as required to maintain the approved budget.


Value Engineering is an ongoing process that continues throughout the design and construction of a building. Value engineering involves review of design decisions, materials, and construction methods to verify that the most cost effective solutions are being implemented. Pinnacle utilizes cost information on numerous past and current projects to determine if a different solution is more appropriate to meet the Project goals.


Scheduling provides a detailed listing of all project requirements and duration and the sequential order that these activities must proceed.
Pinnacle includes required approvals, utilities, long lead items and seasonal considerations. For certain public entities this determines work requirements for summer and winter breaks.


Bidding and Award is a process that determines the best method to package and deliver the public bidding of the work.
Pinnacle provides direction as the use and benefits of a single prime or multiple prime contractors. In addition, we will identify if certain work is better performed directly by Client vendors.


Phasing and Logistics is a critical factor in determining how work will be completed in an occupied facility. 

Pinnacle will assist the Design Team in preparing a site logistics plan to identify contractor access, staging for materials and parking to minimize impact. Phasing of the work is often needed to maintain operations continuously while increasing the overall completion period.


Construction is the main and most important phase of the overall process. Awarded contractors need to provide all required documents prior to mobilization on site and thru the Substantial Completion of the work. 
On site daily oversight of the contract work is provided to include coordination with all required inspections.
Pinnacle coordinates with the User Group to verify that all work is completed without a negative impact on the existing occupied and operating facility. 
Services include daily reports, tracking of required submittals, managing added cost requests and completion of project meeting minutes and correspondence. 


Change Orders are a necessary part of the construction process. Additional costs should be anticipated on any Project but can be kept to a minimum with proper diligence. 
Pinnacle supports a Public Entity Client by identifying these potential costs and pursuing applicable credits to minimize the final cost. We also support the public entity by appearing as required to explain the cause and cost as required.


Closeout is the period after Substantial Completion of the work thru the final payment to a contractor. Closeout includes completion of punch-list, warranties, operating manuals and training on equipment as required. Pinnacle coordinates this effort to turn over the new facility for use in as seamless a transition as possible.


Claims resolution is an unfortunate but necessary part of the overall public bid construction contract process. Contractors may seek additional payments for completed added work or delays to the completion beyond their control. Pinnacle works throughout the contract period to minimize these claims. Nevertheless, we have the prior experience to support a Public Entity through to a resolution of any submitted Claims.


Warranty period of one year is standard for the industry. With any new construction or renovation, unforeseen items may result after the Contractor has completed their work.
Pinnacle works with the User Group, Public Entity and Contractor to support the completion of the required corrective work while minimizing impact of the ongoing use of the facility.